dare to be different

Dare to Be Different

We live in a world of sameness, where people are encouraged to be the same, look the same, talk the same, think the same, and do the same things that others do. From the time we where kids, our parents would tell us “be like other children“, or we would be told to be a normal child. Where normal means to be the same as everybody else.

To crown it all, at school you would be vied by every other child if you were different from others. They would call you as an abnormal child, or a weird person. So in order to fit in the status quo you would bow to their demands, so that you could be regarded as a normal person.

As you grow up this trend does not change, in fact it gets worse because due to peer pressure and the need for affirmation from others, you now want to be like everybody else to be part of the club. But deep down within, you know that is not you. You are just pretending to be them, and they want you to be them.

We Live in a World That Rewards Sameness

It is unfortunate that those who dare to be different from the pack are usually regarded as mavericks, non-conformists, rebels, and i don’t know what else. But somehow the world does not accept you quite well if you are different, unless you do something extraordinary or something that matters.

And that is where i want to take this conversion to, because we are all here to do something that matters. And to do that we need to accept that you are unique and there is no other you. So why do you want to fit in and be as mediocre as everybody else. Why do you feel as if you are a nun entity when others make you feel that way.

Accept the fact that you are different and that God made you that way. Stop looking for acceptance from people who do not accept you for who you are. You are who you are the way God made you to be who you are, so be who you are and forget everybody else.

My Friends Will Lough at Me

Do you still have any doubt that you are different? Quite often people will tell you that you are trying to be different from them. They will tell you that you think you are better than them, they will tell you that you think you are more special than then. And do you know why they say that? It is because they know that you are different, they know that you are special, they know that you are better, and they cannot stand it. So get over it, and be different.

You Are Different, Just Accept It

Did you know that you are different, or you are just realizing it? Yes you, i am talking to you reading this article. Stop feeling inferior, and out-of-place. Your DNA is different, your fingerprints are different, your eyes are different, the way you talk is different, the way you walk is different, even the way you eat is different. So what is the issue with you?

Just accept who you are for who you are. Stop listening to losers and people who are not happy with their miserable lives and move on. Be who you are, be the best version of yourself, and dare to be different. And as you do that, you are not trying to be somebody else, you are just reawakening to the real you. That one that has been hiding and dormant deep within you. That person is waiting for expression, so give him/her room.

Stop Feeling Sorry About Yourself

This world is cruel and has no pity on the weak. In fact it preys on the apparently week so that it takes advantage of them. Perhaps, you have been taken advantage of by people who posed to be friends, lovers, or partners bu at the end proved to be wolves in sheep skin. This happens to us all, it is the nature of the cruel world that we are part of.

Do not feel sorry about yourself, you survived. So move on with your life, learn from your mistakes and be wise. But do not stay there moaning and bemoaning. Your best days are ahead of you, just get up and dust yourself, and get ready to take the world by storm. You are special.

So go ahead and be who you are, be different, be unique, be special, do not look back and do not listen to them. Just be yourself.

I hope this helps!

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Dare to be different!

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