Are You a Visionary or a Casualty

The reality of life shows us that most people are void of a clear picture of what their life is about. Most people live without a sense of purpose and destiny in life. They have a mindset that everything happens according to luck. This fatalistic mentality is unfortunately what grips a lot of people to a static position in life and never advancing. And due to such mentality, the majority of the people who have this kind of belief systems, end up living as casualties in life and without any sense of purpose and destiny.

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Go to The Ant, You Sluggard

There is no financial future to the lazy in the land of the living. To expect so is to insult and violate the laws of life and nature. Surprisingly, there are still people who believe that can achieve anything in life just by sitting, wishing, and praying. Not even God answers prayers made by lazy people.

Laziness is what triggers poverty in a person’s life, and if you embrace it you will invite poverty to your life too. That is why it should be avoided like leper and any other highly infectious disease.  And one the things that you should do is to avoid hanging around lazy people, believe me they are contagious.

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The 10 Distinguishing marks of visionary people

10 Distinguishing Marks of Visionary People

After having dealt with some of the traits that depict vision-less people in the previous article, we are going to look at what is a visionary individual and what are the characteristics of his life and behavioral patterns in contrast to those of individuals that lack a well-defined vision for their lives.

It is a given that vision is critical to live a life full of purpose and destiny oriented. Hence, that is why we need to know what indeed makes a visionary, what is it that which characterizes him and distinguishes him from the masses. But firstly we need to define what vision is:

Vision is the ability to see beyond your present circumstances, it is the ability to see ahead with the intent to chart a path you want to reach.

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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

In life we are all inspired by the legacy that those who went ahead of us have left behind so that we can also follow suit. I do think that the reason some of us are passionate about life or at least should be about the life. Life is short that is a fact that we all know even though at times we act as if we don’t, yet still it doesn’t change that rude fact.

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The Inevitability of Change

There are few things in life that are constant, at least right now i can only think of just a few, and among those is what we as humans almost dread the most and tend to resist to it quite often. I am talking about change, and i believe that if there is something that is universally agreed upon is that change is a constant.

When i say that change is a constant i mean to say that it is inevitable, and both you and i know that for a fact. No matter whether we agree with it or not, the fact is that change is a constant and it will always remain like that for as long as human life exists.

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How to Find Your Passion

One of the questions that most people have difficult finding out is about what they are really passionate about. And i don’t men to say that it is something easy, because while it may be for some people, others may still find it a bit difficult to discover their passion.

The importance of this subject in our lives is what prompted me to write this article, because i believe that it can help to clear up some things in people’s lives with regards to what they are called to do in life

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