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The Inevitability of Change

There are few things in life that are constant, at least right now i can only think of just a few, and among those is what we as humans almost dread the most and tend to resist to it quite often. I am talking about change, and i believe that if there is something that is universally agreed upon is that change is a constant.

When i say that change is a constant i mean to say that it is inevitable, and both you and i know that for a fact. No matter whether we agree with it or not, the fact is that change is a constant and it will always remain like that for as long as human life exists.

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How to Find Your Passion

One of the questions that most people have difficult finding out is about what they are really passionate about. And i don’t men to say that it is something easy, because while it may be for some people, others may still find it a bit difficult to discover their passion.

The importance of this subject in our lives is what prompted me to write this article, because i believe that it can help to clear up some things in people’s lives with regards to what they are called to do in life

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purpose, identity, potential

Identity, Potential, and Purpose

There are three most important questions that all human beings should answer if they are to live happy and fulfilled lives while on earth. It is vitally important for the survival  of civilization that we all live within the scope of who we are, what we have, an why we are on planet earth. For we are all born and created with an identity, imbued with the capability to fulfill something which constitutes our potential, and born for a purpose.

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10 Reasons to Choose WordPress as a Content Publishing Platform

Publishing content on the internet has become quite a big thing in our days, almost anybody can publish content online as long as the person has something to share. However, when comes to publishing content the choice of the platform is equally important as the content itself. When choosing a platform for publishing one has to consider several aspects.

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Launch Your First Blog Online In Five Steps

Ever since i launched my first blog in 2010 and having created websites for businesses over the years, i became known as the go to guy for anything internet related, at least within my circle of Internet. But one of the questions i usually get asked a lot is on how to get an online presence.

So due to that today i decided to publish an article on how to do that, because even though it is something that i have become used to and it is relatively easy for me to do, it is not for everyone. So in this article i will guide you on how you can create your blog online.

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